Farm Animals

At La Besse Farm during your holiday with family or friends you will get to see plenty of animals.

At the centre of the estate there is a stable with hens, chicks, rabbits and pigs.

Nearby, in the horse boxes, you will sometimes see the horses or foals. Just below is a park with a pond where hens, cocks, ducks, geese and goats frisk about.

This is also where our traditional fishing competition takes place on Fridays. (July & August)

But the main activity at the Farm is to raise cows.

For the past few years we have chosen Gascon cattle. The cows have a silvery grey coat and horns curving forwards.

Gascon cattle are a rustic breed, and as they graze in a natural environment they look after the landscape. They help to keep the fields at La Besse Farm in good condition and to preserve the large number of wild orchid species.

Gascon cattle are much appreciated for the quality of their tender and marbled meat. They have the Red Gascon Pure Breed, Pure Taste label.

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